The bilinguales from the 7th grade were from 3.06.-7.06.19 (Monday-Friday) at the Language Farm.

The Language Farm where we were is in Freienorla (Thüringen). Around the farm are many trees, it is a little bit in the forest. The landscape is very beautiful and the location is nice. There are many animals too (e.g. horses, cats, cows,…) .

After we arrived we went to customs. There we got new names (farm names). We were called like insects (e.g. praying mantis, caterpillar, wasp, wolf spider, …). At customs we talked about the rules too (e.g. English only) Every morning (we were woken up with music at 7:30 a.m.) and evening we made a circle, hold hands and relaxed a little bit. In every morning there was a saying:

  1. There is a first time for everything. (Welcome day)
  2. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. (USA day)
  3. There are many paths to the top of mountain. (Wales day)
  4. Not all who wonder are lost. (India day)
  5. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. (Goodbye day)

The first saying we had on the first evening because we arrived in the afternoon, so there wasn’t a morning. There were different types of days, like USA day or India day. E.g.: At the USA day we learned about America by the counsellor from there. We had sport too. We learned how to play baseball and cricket. It was very interesting and the most students had a lot of fun.  At project time everyone went to his/her project. There was lacrosse, songwriting, Comics, artistic architecture and Zumba. On Thursday, every project group presented their project. The evening activities were cool too. On Monday we sat around a fire and sang songs. On Tuesday was the movie night, there we watched the movie Jumanji.  On Wednesday we went for a night walk into the forest. There we sang some songs too. On Thursday were the presentations from the small language groups and the project groups. We slept in tipis, but there were normal rooms too. Six people slept in one tent. One highlight of the whole week was ‘capture the flag’. It’s a really nice game and almost everybody had a lot of fun. In the area where we played it, it was really cool too. In the small language groups, we cooked lunch. We practiced a theatre play and presented it on Thursday too.

The people who work there are called ‘counsellors’. They were very friendly and almost the whole time happy. Their names were:
Neena – from Wales
Hannah – from Oregon
Neeraja – from India                                                                    
Stefan – from Serbia
Ricky – from upstate New York
Chris – from Ireland

Overall impression
Everybody had a lot of fun during the week. Most of us liked it to sleep in tipis. The program was great and we really enjoyed the time at the Language Farm. Fun Fact: At Night, the horses went around our tipis. 


Written by Annika Wesenberg 7c