Last Thursday, 25th of January 2018, three Americans visited Johannes-Kepler to help the students practice their English for their communication exam. The Americans, Sarah, Courtney, and Renier are all from varying parts of the USA, including Miami. They are currently living around Stuttgart and have been in Germany for some time.

The students all thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to speak to native speakers and learn more about American culture. A variety of topics was discussed, from sports and the Superbowl, to cultural differences and the current political situation. Students also had the opportunity to speak about moving to another country and the opportunities that are open to them as young people in the future.

It was very beneficial for the students that they were able to speak to natives as it showed them that they have a language level that enables them to communicate. They also had the chance to ask for feedback, which many students took. After having spoken to the Americans, they were impressed at the level of the students English and especially their involvement in the conversation, as they felt they contributed equally.

Overall, the day was a huge success and the students and Americans equally enjoyed having the chance to have a chat and learn more about a different culture.

Kristin Morgan